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Talent Scarcity

Lack of cybersecurity professionals locally and worldwide? How real is this? Publications and everyone in the cybersecurity industry seems to propagate and keep repeating this mantra - there aren’t enough cybersecurity professionals to fill up the vacancies presently.


Cybersecurity As A Career

If you are currently pursuing a course in Information Technology, you would have probably heard or read about the shortage of available expertise in the field of cybersecurity in Malaysia and elsewhere in the world. 


Traits Of Phishing Emails

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the pandemic by using widespread awareness of the subject to trick users into revealing their personal information or clicking on malicious links or attachments, unwittingly downloading malware to their computers. 



The war against cyber risks requires an all-encompassing solution that doesn’t just address any particular weakness but in a holistic manner.


SysArmy’s services are tailored accordingly to address these concerns.

A subscription-based managed security services. Uninterruptible, 24/7  Next Generation Security Operating Centre (NGSOC) dedicated to stopping threats in time. 

Cybersecurity Monitoring Services

Our consultants are able to provide security advisory, consultation and auditing services in accordance to industry standards. Additionally, we deliver Business Continuity Management program.

Cybersecurity Technology Risk Services

Mainly security assessment and penetration test of various kinds to identify weaknesses on your systems & networks.

Cybersecurity Professional Services

Equipped with best-of-breed and cost-effective solutions. Technological advisory is based on holistic yet agnostic approach to ensure the best for the customers is achieved.

Cybersecurity Solutions Services



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