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Talent Scarcity

Lack of cybersecurity professionals locally and worldwide?

How real is this? Publications and everyone in the cybersecurity industry seems to propagate and keep repeating this mantra - there aren’t enough cybersecurity professionals to fill up the vacancies presently. 


Against this often repeated scenario, organisations are still very much behind in adopting a cybersecurity framework that meets the minimal standards set by NIST, which is the preferred and most widely adopted standards worldwide.


So how real and urgent of the need from organisations across the world in hiring cybersecurity professionals?

A similar dynamic happened in the nursing industry some years ago in our country. Although each are in a different industry, the healthcare sector was bemoaning the lack of qualified nurses to assist the healthcare professionals in their work resulting in underdelivered nursing care to patients in general. The government stepped in and helped and during the intervening years thereafter, the number of nurses available grew.


The increase in supply for the nursing profession however does not commensurate with the availability of healthcare providers who can offer training and employment for the newly graduates. Thus, a shortage situation previously now became a glut. 


What was the root cause and where was the fault in this case? Was there bad planning on the part of the industry and the healthcare providers who eventually would be the employer for these newly graduates?


Would the same happen in the cybersecurity industry?


As in any industry, any perceived shortages cannot be addressed simply by just churning out graduates without due consideration in providing them with the necessary practical training and experience.


We at SysArmy can help and partner with academic institutions who are keen to provide their graduates with the kind of practical training at our Next Generation Security Operations Centre (NGSOC) located in Kuala Lumpur. With our approach and involvement in the Cybersecurity of Things, we believe we can offer more than just practical training in cybersecurity to these graduates.


Do give us a call or email us to fix an appointment for further discussion if there are any interests

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