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Cybersecurity as a career

If you are pursuing a course in Information Technology currently, you would have probably heard or read about the shortage of available expertise in the field of cybersecurity in Malaysia and elsewhere in the world. 


Breach after breach are reported almost on a weekly basis and it is clear that every organisation now needs professionals focused on cybersecurity for themselves.


Within cybersecurity itself, there are various options.  From security operations, risk assessments, application security, investigations, compliance to teaching and training, there are many roles within cybersecurity.


Cybersecurity now are making progress as a profession. The variety, growth opportunities, challenge and impact of it adds up to an exciting career for those who wish to pursue cybersecurity as a career.


If you choose this path, you will always have opportunities to grow, learn new skills and working to understand new and innovative technologies. You will be constantly challenged and in the process you will be exposed to new people, situations and opportunities.


You will never be bored as new puzzles need to be solved frequently and you can always be proud because your work will have a positive impact on the digital and physical world. 


Need we say more about cybersecurity as a career choice?

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