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Thematic feeder fund

We are aware that the investment landscape in our country is populated by too much dry capital chasing too few investable opportunities. To stand apart from these investors, we are starting a thematic feeder fund.


We are looking for early stage companies in AI for cybersecurity and intend to handhold them through the stages where they could be testing their prototypes and searching for their go to market product. 


We are investing in this space and our investment thesis is to support founders achieve scale, bring in experts from different areas to help the company intellectually and push it through the subsequent rounds of investments and achieve their milestones. Our thesis is to invest a small sum as part of a larger round and pick up a small stake in the company and we offer consultancy services free of cost. We will bring in our expertise to help shape the founders thought process around brand positioning of the entity. 


We aim to create an ecosystem to benefit the entire portfolio of the cybersecurity space.


Please email your brief in no more than one page to All submissions will treated in the strictest confidence. All submissions will be reciprocated with a Non Disclosure and Non Competitive undertaking from us that if the brief is rejected, we will not use or copy the brief in any of our undertakings. We will revert to you within 30 days of your submission with a response. If we are interested in your brief, we will request for a meeting whereby you and your team will present to us on your company.

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