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sysarmy set up with push plans for next level of it security

Sysarmy Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary under Systech Bhd, today shares that it will be pushing aggressively into the Malaysian enterprise market with its slew of cyber security solutions that will focus on ‘Pre-Event’ measures.

Hon Fun Ping, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of SysArmy, says that for the longest time, Malaysian enterprises – especially financial institutions, have been prioritizing on the ‘less critical’ aspects of IT security.

“The current IT Security spending scenario in Malaysia – which also reflects most of the regional market, is that the lion’s share of spending on IT security are on Post-event review logs (of data trails) to meet Bank Negara’s compliance and reporting.

By the time the IT log audit results are out and presented to the board of directors for review, the damage is already done,” says Hon.

He says that while this (Post event monitoring and reporting) remains important, the wiser and longer-term approach is to invest in Pre-event/ Preventive IT security measures that are addressed by actionable (network) penetration tests and consultation.

“Research shows that every dollar spent in Pre-event or Preventive (IT Security) measures translates to up to five times in spending for remedial efforts, or in damages. Sysarmy’s vision is to push Malaysia’s state of IT security to the next level of more a holistic and smarter approach in protecting enterprise networks and systems.

SysArmy believes this is possible now as we are in the Big Data age, whereby the data from past IT security logs, together with real-time worldwide threat patterns and IT security intelligence reports can generate ‘predictive’ areas of vulnerabilities for the enterprise network,” share Hon.

Security Operation Center (SOC)

In line with the focus on ‘Preventive’ IT security solutions and services, Hon also notes that more and more Security Operation Center (SOCs) are being established by technology companies to accept outsourced IT security projects, or set up by enterprises and GLCs themselves to manage the business’ IT security aspects.

SysArmy’s SOC is a service that currently caters to a range of FSI and large commercial enterprises; and integrates the technologies of up to eleven (11) leading principal IT Security technological brands and to accumulates findings from various R&D “intelligence in the wild” reports generated from security hubs across the world into its SOC’s cyber security tools.

“SysArmy is a Managed CyberSecurity Service Provider and we are brand agnostic in our approach. Hence we are in a very good position to give unbiased expert view of what solutions would be most suited to cater to the budgets and requirements of our clients,” says Hon.

Looking forward, by financial year ending 31st March 2016, SysArmy targets to contribute at least 30% of Systech’s topline revenue.

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