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Your CCTV could be your own UNDOING

Investigators have traced the hackers back to a server in Singapore, but have been unable to identify the perpetrators. (check out Spain's leftist party - Podemos)

Apparently, according to publicly available reports, the politician and his party was previously targeted by a group of rogue police officers who allegedly engaged in irregular activities who was trying to stop the party, (newly formed only in 2014 and went on to become the 3rd largest political party in Spain currently) from becoming the dominant party governing the country. 

It was not disclosed whether the hacking was the work of this group of rogue officers.

But the lesson from this episode clearly shows again the vulnerability of all internet linked devices to hacking. The CCTVs that we installed in our homes and offices for our own security could now be our own undoing if we are not careful. The daily going on in our lives could be broadcast live to the whole world without us knowing.


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