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When will the public learn? or are we even capable of learning?

"Over 10 million users tricked into downloading fake app for Samsung devices" was the heading in a report in the STAR news paper on 5 July 2019.

In summary, the report said an expose by malware analyst Aleksejs Kuprins of CSIS Security Group shows that 10 million unsuspecting users have been tricked into installing the Updates For Samsung app, which claims to provide "every Android update for Samsung devices". It redirects users to a blog website, first enticing them with free firmware downloads, then pushing them to pay for updates that in reality are available for free.

At no point in history were the public is more capable of teaching themselves anything than today with the advances of the internet. But despite this incredible access to information, few people take full advantage of the opportunity they have for learning. It appears that the large general population are still stuck in the myth that they need to be educated. And in the area of cyber risks, even education doesn't appears to be having its effect on the people.

Granted that not much has been done about it despite a great deal of lip service being given to the idea of creating greater awareness.

Humans are natural learners. With the current apathy - issue like the above case would continue to recur again and again - is it because people don't really care because they have this perception that nothing would ever happen to them?


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