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WhatsApp seeking an injunction against an Israeli cybersecurity company, NSO Group

Recently, WhatsApp filed a lawsuit against Israel's NSO Group, alleging the firm was behind cyber-attacks that infected devices with malicious software. NSO Group Technologies is an Israeli technology firm known for its Pegasus spyware enabling the remote surveillance of smartphones (refer to our earlier articles titled 'Pegasus, a software developed by an Israeli company hacked 'WhatsApp' in the past' on 3 Sept 2019 and 'United Arab Emirates used a cyber tool to hack into iPhones of people they are tracking' on 15 Feb 2019').

WhatsApp accuses NSO of sending malware to roughly 1,400 mobile phones for the purposes of surveillance and said NSO Group created various WhatsApp accounts and caused the malicious code to be transmitted over the WhatsApp servers in April and May 2019.

WhatsApp said it is seeking a permanent injunction banning NSO from using its service and NSO Group said it would fight the allegations.


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