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Tipping the Balance in the Fight Against Malware

The tools available for disposal for majority of the CIOs / CTOs for organisations seemed limited, blunted, too often ineffective.

Many a times, they could be using different combinations of software and all the standard processes and protocols, but, in fact, they don't see any progress when faced with a breach - effectively in layman's terms, they are not seeing progress and solutions to the problems. 

All over the world, in countries where software development are unparalleled, researchers have sought ways to boost the 'immune system' of organisations against hackers and cyber criminals. It is easy to grasp the importance of such a defense when hackers gain entry. 

So we wonder is it possible that one day, the elaborate software in the entire IT network that work together to defend the network against foreign threats itself can distinguish the difference between original codes coded into the software from 'foreign non-self intruders' and 'destroy' these with its 'natural antibodies'? 

As in the case of human, one of the key elements of our immunity is our ability to distinguish normal tissues from foreign, non-self intruders. 

We are enthusiastic and optimistic for what lies ahead. We have already witnessed some amazing leaps, and we hope to hear and read about more groundbreaking work.

The next few years is really going to see developments along what we envisioned it to be.


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