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The private sector is fighting dangerous and fake content online

Whereas, government around the world has failed to do so.

16 of the world's biggest advertisers have joined together to push platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to do more to tackle dangerous and fake content online.

Calling themselves 'The Global Alliance for Responsible Media' it includes media buying agencies from the major ad groups - WPP, IPG, Publicis, Omnicom and Dentsu. This is the first time that the private sector is coming together to tackle a problem that had far reaching consequences for society.

The initial focus of the group would be on content that was a danger to society, such as terrorism. Other brand owners in the alliance include Adidas, Danone, Diageo, Mondelez International, Nestle and Procter & Gamble.

Regulators and politicians across the world, with all the available resources and infrastructure at their disposal, only knows how to lament and complain about this trend of dangerous and fake content perforating every strata of society in their respective countries. A sledgehammer approach - making it a jail-able offence for those found to have propagated such content - were always the preferred and only solution proposed by most countries. Rarely, real concrete actions were proposed to mitigate this trend.  

This initiative by the private sector is real refreshing and we wish it all the success.


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