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The Cybersecurity Illusion: The Emperor Has No Clothes

The above report discover 12 reasons why data breaches still happen

  1. Attackers are persistent, sophisticated, well trained and well financed 

  2. It is difficult to protect complex and dynamically changing attack surfaces 

  3. There is a lack of adequate security staff with the necessary skills 

  4. Human error 

  5. Inability to prevent employees from falling for a phishing scam 

  6. Networks are not scanned frequently for vulnerabilities 

  7. Lack of visibility into the operations of our security program 

  8. Lack of control over access privileges 

  9. System glitches

  10. Difficulty keeping security tools updated 

  11. Misconfigured or incorrectly installed tools 

  12. Threats that have evaded traditional security defense and are now inside the IT environment 


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