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Systems at Airports operations disrupted on both sides of the world, a week apart.

Again, we stress the importance of a BCP for large organisations.

The picture on the left is a headline in the New York Times on 16 August 2019 while the picture on the right is a headline in the Star newspaper in Malaysia dated 22 August 2019.

Both described airports in 2 separate countries across the globe facing a system breakdown that caused long passengers queue. In the incident in the US, airports around the United States experienced delays in processing international travellers, due to a nationwide outage affecting the computer systems used by Customs and Border Protection.


In our own KLIA, flight information display system, WiFi and check-in systems were down and some shops had difficulty processing card payments, while autogates at immigration were working intermittently.

Both claimed systems glitch. Is there more to it than just a breakdown to the systems? Can we have some real honest answers?


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