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Smart Cities - Hugghh.....the world is now moving into Adaptive cities

Cyberjaya touted itself as a smart town; the state of Selangor aims to be a smart state. 

Utilities, mass transit, or even rubbish are all connected to a network in a smart town, city or state. Each connection creates unpredictability. There will be a time when the network will be hit with a vast volume of data. The data will pile up faster than the rubbish. The denser and more populated is the city or town or state, more sensors, more data and more devices need to connect in real time. That will be the time when traffic chokes up again, rubbish remains uncollected.

Anticipating this, planners and drivers for smart cities are now looking for a network that can anticipate, react and scale. A network that can do self healing and self optimising.

In transforming your environment to be as adaptive, be reminded that there will be one constant that would not change - unavoidable challenges from cyber risks. Adapt to the latest threats and use dynamic protect and response mechanisms in your design of an adaptive network for the proposed smart township or cities or state.


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