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Scary scenario - Future of Nation States 'Quarrel'

The caricature below, which is self explanatory, went viral within the Indian diaspora around the world in the last two days.

What was the cause? On February 14, an explosives-laden SUV rammed into a convoy personnel in Pulwama. The attack killed 40 CRPF soldiers. The attack killed 40 CRPF soldiers. The Pakistan-based terror group Jaish-e-Mohammad took responsibility for the attack.

This is not the first time that hackers was at work. In 2015, Indian hackers launched attack on Pakistani websites after a hacker group from across the border attacked one Kerala Govt website. More than 250 Pakistani websites, which included official website of Pakistan’s President, official website of Pakistani Govt, official website of Pakistani Railways were hacked within hours of the incident.

Vice versa, the Pakistani also has their own community of hackers hacking into Indian websites. 

So much so that some online news has the heading - 'Who hacked whose websites more? between the two countries'.

This appeared to be the trend now when nation states 'quarrel'. Nation states are now building their own community of hackers for this scenario.

Indeed a scary scenario for the common people.



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