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Paying off Hackers for Ransomware - Municipal authorities in the US are showing the way

Following our recent posting on the ransomware attack against several municipalities and cities in the US, it was reported on 27 June 2019 that another municipality in Florida has paid $500,000 (£394,000) to hackers after a ransomware attack.

The total paid by Florida municipalities over ransomware in the last two weeks now stands at $1.1m.

Officials in Lake City voted to pay hackers in Bitcoin after suffering downed computer systems for two weeks.

Workers were locked out of email accounts and members of the public were left unable to make municipal payments online.

Payments made by these municipalities are borned by the tax payers. Shouldn't the councillors in these municipalities - similarly for every civil servants everywhere across the world - be held responsible for these breaches?

If they have been diligent in their duties and responsibilities as a councillor, these breaches could have been minimised and recovery efforts could have been undertaken with minimal costs and interruptions instead of them resorting to pay off the ransomware. 


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