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Our light take on the Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame case

For the past weeks, there is this so called stunning revelation that a newspaper or tabloid (tabloid is basically a gossip magazine) obtained some below the belt selfies of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, currently ranked as the world's richest man, founder of Amazon and who just few months ago announced he is separating from his wife of more than few decades.

Post the revelation, the media was fixated on this theme - even the rich and famous and billionaires are not out of reach of hackers. In Jeff Bezos's case, the fact that he was hacked while managing not only the most valuable company in the world but also a company that is at the forefront of cyberspace development makes it a more interesting read for the people. No one talked about how he started Amazon from a garage in his house to what it is today. 

Did the revelation resulted in Amazon's business suffering? Did it report an operational loss arising from this revelation? Did investors dumped their stock holdings in Amazon? Answer to all these questions - Flat No

So to us, the question that is more pertinent is why people, in general, seems so fixated/interested on the lives, miseries and hardships of famous people? Just because they are rich and famous?  Why do we keep caring listing and watching famous people, even if they do good/bad progress?  Is it because more of us actually let our lives live for us nowadays? 

These days, we frequently see people who have nothing to do with our lives. The actor or actress or singer, for example. We see and hear him/her every day. So when we see an article about his/her home life— which is, objectively speaking, of no interest to us at all— we’re eager to read up on him/her because our instincts tell us erroneously that he/her is personally a factor in our lives.

It is time people realise that we live a life of our own choice. You either live your life or you let your life live in you. With the constant complaint that each of us don't have enough time on hand in our work, spend time with our love ones etc, why are we taking interest and care about what these people do in their personal lives if it doesn't impact us directly in anyway?


People who actually live these extraordinary lives are also human and they are entitled to have their own time to pause to participate in the getaway world of adventure for a time, but then they return to the lives that they live by choice, with little time or interest to care about what others had for breakfast that morning. 

Jeff founded Amazon in 1994. Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

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