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Media 'experimenting' and creating awareness by having hackers hacked into their reporters' data

CNN and CBS, two of the main media outlets in the United States recently carried out an experiment whereby a designated reporter respectively from these two outlets invited a hacker to hack into their personal data. Details and methods of the hack by these hackers were presented as a news report in these two outlets separately.

If the main purpose of this experiment carried out by these outlets is to create greater awareness amongst the general public, we genuinely welcome their efforts. Instead of the usual method of presenting articles on the dangers and perils of cyber risks, these outlets are now creating awareness by presenting a real life case and the methods used by hackers to steal data from the unsuspecting public. Refer to the article - 'How an IBM Social Engineer hacked 2 CBS reporters' and 'We asked a hacker to try and steal a CNN Tech Reporter's Data'.


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