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MCMC urges public to change Facebook and Instagram password

MCMC in a statement dated 24 March 2019 urged the public to change their Facebook and Instagram passwords, if they have received notifications to do so after Facebook acknowledged on Thursday (March 21) that it left hundreds of millions of user passwords readable by its employees for years.

We thank the authorities for their proactive stance in quickly creating and instilling awareness amongst the Malaysian public in this latest episode concerning FB. Questions are now raised on the integrity and ability of FB to protect its users data.

Further to the statement from MCMC, we also wish to remind our readers and the Malaysian public in general, of our article titled 'Massive Data Leak - A Call to be Cautious', dated 25 January 2019 where we urged the Malaysian public to be cautious and do not be taken in by any 'experts' or websites emerging and asking the public to check and verify whether their personal details were part of the data that was breached.

We suggest that regardless of whether your details are part of the data or not, you take preventive and mitigative measures on your own. DO NOT BE TAKEN in by any message or calls recommending that you check and verify whether your details were compromised. Even if you were to email or message FB, they would not confirm nor respond whether your personal details were compromised.


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