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Massive Data Leak - A Call to be Extra Cautious

Be cautious on calls to check whether your personal information was hacked

In the last one week, news was plastered across about the 700 million data that was hacked and shared online. 

Immediately following the expose, the media shared several news on the availability of websites that were created to allow individuals to check with the websites on whether their personal details were part of the 700 million.

Remember the purported leak of 40+ million users allegedly from a telecommunication company in Malaysia back in 2017? Following the news, a Malaysian came out and claimed that he has set up a website that allows the Malaysian public to check online whether their personal data was stolen. Few days after this news, the Malaysian was vilified when allegations surfaced to say that his intention was insincere.

It would be wise for the public to remember that episode. If you are concerned, you don't need to verify it before taking preventive and mitigative measures. Change your passwords and security settings immediately.

However, if you still insist to check and found that your personal details is safe and not part of the details, does it mean you would not check your passwords and settings?

Also if by checking confirms that your personal details was indeed stolen, there is nothing you can do about it because it is already filed and lodged in the public domain. The public should be wary and not be led into the claim that you can and need to check whether your details were stolen. Be proactive and take preemptive steps to protect yourself. 


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