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How safe is it if we just download only from secure sources?

'Keep your computer safe by downloading only from secure sources' - this was the heading in a local newspaper on 6 April 2019.

Traditionally, we have to agree to this statement. However, in the digital age, this only rings true based on the assumption that hackers or hackers group or cyber criminals does not innovate and be creative. 

As a matter of fact, the attacks that continuously dominate the news everyday goes to show that hackers or cyber criminals are always one step ahead of the general population and all organisations. They always innovate and find creative ways to launch attacks - from 'planting' sleeping virus into the system that wakes up upon receiving certain commands to virus inside the system that does nothing but is a 'mirror' that duplicates every transactions that goes in and out the system to an unauthorised 3rd party network outside without arousing any suspicions.

A lot of these emails and attachments nowadays are 'designed' to make it look so real and authentic that one has to really scrutinise and check every alphabet in the email and attachment and even then when everything is in order, there is no assurance that the attachment and email is safe from virus.

If it is so unsafe, should we stop using the internet? No, you can't because everything and the world around you are on the digital landscape, Unless you are living in a cave somewhere and living a virtual non-existent life outside the civilised world, all of us cannot 'escape' from the digital world as it continues to envelop and dominate every aspect of our lives.

Then is there any remedy or solution to this?

Stay tuned to this section.


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