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Hackers destroying logs to hide their 'trails of destruction'

As defences against cyber attacks are improving with more efficient software, hackers are also not lying low and remains ineffective. There are signs now that cyber criminals and hackers are leaving as little trace as possible of their trails of destruction to prevent it from being forensically analyzed by the professionals.

Honestly, what do we expect them to do? Sit down, do their hacking and walk away when they know that what they are doing are illegal and is subject to criminal actions if they are caught?

We would be naive if we are to adopt this stance. 

With every advances made in - technologically and technically - you can expect cyber criminals / hackers to be at least 3 steps away thinking and exploring ways to counter all these advances. 

You might ask if that is the scenario, why organisations bother to upgrade and build their cyber resilience? Answer is if organisations don't upgrade and improve on their cyber resilience, the damages, both tangible and intangible to their organisation, could be catastrophic and could possibly lead to the demise of their business.


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