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EU considers proposals to exclude Chinese firms from 5G networks

In the above heading, it said the European Union is considering proposals that would effectively amount to a de-facto ban on Huawei Technologies Co equipment for next-generation mobile networks.

What EU is proposing and plan to implement - as one of the options considered - is to amend a 2016 cybersecurity law, on the definition of critical infrastructure to also include so-called fifth generation mobile networks. Accordingly, thereafter by law, any businesses involved in critical infrastructure would be prevented from using equipment provided by any country or company suspected of using its equipment for spying or sabotage.

If such measures were introduced by the EU, it could prove a setback for European efforts to stay competitive in 5G because it would likely lead to delays and extra costs in building out networks.  5G technology promises to link up everything from vehicles to factories at far greater speeds.

We have commented in an earlier article about nations putting national security ahead of safeguarding the country from cyber threats. The above action by EU is now putting technological advancement behind threats to national security.


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