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Development of New & Effective Software to Manage Cyber Risk will Require Incentives

We always used the analogy that malware and viruses that attacked and cause havoc to organisations are no different from the viruses that attacked human being.

In a human environment, superbugs are causing concerns with researchers in the medical field. Its resistance to available antibiotics is getting stronger by the day, and pharmaceuticals are not investing into sourcing for new antibiotics.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) in a recent study estimated that superbugs may kill 10 million people yearly by 2030.

What caused the superbugs to develop its increased resistance to the arsenal of antibiotics? 

Answer is increased usage. Increased usage is not confined to solely prescriptions from the doctors. Other factors are at play too. Example, good food hygiene.

Similarly, we believe in cyberspace, new variation of viruses and malware, new and improved method of 'penetration / injection' of malware into an IT network aided by improvement in AI are making the available software redundant. Software makers are in a quandary - how and what type of improvement that they could make on the existing software or what type of new predictive software that they can introduce to the market?

What are the incentives and who will be driving and incentivise the industry to do research and development into these new software? hmmm....


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