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Cybersecurity a major chink in India Inc armour

Two days of delay is a very long time in cybersecurity. A study by an American cyber tech firm deduced concludes that India Inc among the worst performers when it comes to dealing with attacks on their IT systems.

The said report did mentioned that globally, companies on an average take 7 days (162 hours) to respond to cybersecurity breaches while Indian companies’ average response time is 9 days (222 hours). So we wonder why the report said 2 days of delay is a long time when the global average it 7 days!

The report surveyed 300 senior IT decision-makers and IT security professionals from India as part of a survey of 1,900 professionals across countries.

The report further states that typically, organisations across the world, in the event of a cyberattack, are able to discover the identity of a ‘threat actor’ half way through their investigation. Indian organisations, however, are able to zero down on the identity of the attacker only after 75% of the investigation process is completed, showing a lack of preparedness in dealing with online attacks, which is increasingly becoming a norm globally. The above assertion was not supported by any data to show that organisations across the world are able to discover the identity of a threat actor halfway through the investigation. This assertion runs contrary to cybersecurity experts lamenting on the continuous inadequacies of organisations in implementing cyber risks measures across their organisations thus exposing them to cyber threats.

We wonder what would be the findings like if this American cyber tech firm were to undertake a similar survey with IT personnel in Malaysia?


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