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Another strong reminder to those in the Supply Chain - You are the most vulnerable

In a news report dated 26 Sept 2019, it said cybersecurity experts has discovered that hackers - again the same bogeymen was mentioned - apparently were trying to steal information from Airbus, one of the two biggest maker of commercial airplanes beside Boeing in the world.

The cyber attacks were mounted via French technology consultancy Expleo, engine maker Rolls Royce and two French Airbus subcontractors which were not identified. The hackers appeared to have been seeking information about engines for the A400M military transport aircraft and A350 airliner. Over the past 12 months, Airbus has been targeted by 4 major cyber attacks with some of the attacks date back further.

Hmm...why didn't Airbus disclosed this to the Stock Exchange Regulators and to EU as under the GDPR, they are required to disclose data breaches or there were no data breaches?

If the supply chain is touted as the most vulnerable for large organisations, shouldn't these large organisations who depends on these supply chain, play a bigger role in helping those in the supply chain to improve on their vulnerabilities?


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