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A report by the UN alleged that North Korea stole USD2 billion through several hack

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

It is alleged that the North Korea 'stole' US$2 billion hacking into banks and cryptocurrency exchanges.

A confidential report by the United Nations issued recently apparently alleged that North Korea, through widespread and sophisticated cyber attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges and financial institutions 'collected' almost USD2 billion todate.

These money is used to pay for weapons of mass destruction that United Nations alleged North Korea is trying to amass.

The report also said North Korea used cyberspace to launder the stolen money. At least 35 reported instances of North Korea attacking financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges in 17 countries.

Funnily, the news that carried this allegation did not specify which of the 17 countries and which are the financial institutions that were hacked and have their monies stolen. Shouldn't these financial institutions be making a report about the theft? Why the silence? The heist on the Bangladesh Central Bank of US$1 billion made news worldwide. 

For greater transparency the so called report by the United Nations should be made public for viewing otherwise the allegations raised appears to be a 'hatchet job' made to further paint a rogue picture of North Korea.


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