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A ransomware attack on a subset of its information technology systems?

Boyd Group Income Fund announced that on June 27, 2019 , it detected a ransomware attack on a subset of its information technology systems. The Boyd Group Income Fund units trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the fund is an unincorporated, open-ended mutual fund trust created for the purposes of acquiring and holding certain investments, including a majority interest in The Boyd Group Inc. and its subsidiaries.

What exactly is subset of an information technology systems? 

Based on our understanding, information technology is a subset of information systems. Generally the public tends to use both terms interchangeably because they assumed all information systems are computer-based systems. Information technology falls under the Information system definition but deals with the technology involved in the systems themselves. It typically includes hardware, software, databases and networks.

The above announcement lacks detail and vague in its description. Shouldn't organisations be held accountable to the public and their investors to explain in greater detail the breach instead of such a vague general description?


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