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70% of Healthcare organisations in the US suffered Data Breaches.

We believed it is the same for healthcare in Malaysia.

It is NOT us who say it. The 2019 Thales Data Threat Report — Healthcare Edition said it. The report said majority (70%) of US healthcare organizations surveyed said they've experienced a data breach, with a third reporting one occurring in the past year alone. 

The report said when sensitive patient information is breached in these healthcare organisations, it poses significantly longer-term risks compared to other sectors – sometimes indefinitely. The  damage cannot be fully mitigated. 

Healthcare data is especially attractive to hackers because it's far more valuable than other kinds of data that can be accessed and exploited. A credit card can be cancelled or a bank account can be closed, but private patient data circulates endlessly which opens opportunities for various types of fraud to occur again and again from a single breach.


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