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From time to time, we took several minutes to sit down and hear out from our colleagues on their personal take of working in the information security sector, and in particular, at SysArmy. The following are their response:

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Working at SysArmy, I’ve learnt a lot of knowledge and gain plenty of valuable experience from the industry in cyber security field. The hands-on training helps me to improve my skill for threat detection and mitigation. I’m hoping to develop my skills further to be the next-generation of cybersecurity professional.

Security Analysts

Muhammad Fazly Bin Hamzah


Learning is a life-long process of keeping abreast with advancement. Here in SysArmy, every day is an opportunity to an unprecedented knowledge discovery. I’m hoping to bridge the gap between academician and the industry. As Anna Roe once said, “nothing in science has any value to society if it is not communicated”.

Academic & Research Executive

Juhari Mokhtar

Being on board of SysArmy since its inception 4 years ago, we have worked with many clients, from various industries. Along the way, we managed to get SysArmy recognized in the expandable market and be part of the cybersecurity ecosystem. Looking at the current trend and emerging market outlook, we are confident in achieving our projected level growth. At SysArmy, we believe in the capabilities of our local talent pools. Therefore, continuous efforts have been taken to ensure continuity of professionals developed from our very own environment.

Chief Commercial Officer

James Chong


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